Why Telemaxx?

Some say the phone business is deader than disco.

If that's true, we have disco fever.

Some say the phone business is deader than disco.

If that's true, we have disco fever.

Retro colours
Retro colours
Retro colours
Retro colours
Ultra-modern expertise

Humans have talked to each other for centuries.

For many years, we used wires and everything that comes with them. Telephones have evolved over time.
So have the systems designed to manage them.

Telemaxx is firmly planted in the future, but we like to showcase our heritage like a well-aged whiskey - without the hangover.

Talking since '90

From the desk of George Washington to the iPhone you're reading this on, it's hard to imagine what the world was like without telephones.

Now imagine life without just about any of your modern home needs. Electricity, refrigerators, microwaves - it all has to be accessible and affordable.

At Telemaxx that's exactly what we do: we make communication accessible and affordable. And we've been doing it longer than most companies in our industry – over 32 years in fact. It means we know a thing or two about delivering your phone and internet service with ease, speed and simplicity.

Simple, yet smart

Because when it comes to business phones, we know that different companies have different requirements: some want cloud-based solutions for their remote employees, others prefer on-premise hardware at their offices. Some need mobile workers, others need desk phones. Some need multiple lines, others prefer shared lines.

But what all of them want is a business phone solution that fits, is reliable, won't break the bank and comes from a trustworthy company.

So whatever you plug into our service, know that you're getting the best price as well as the best care available anywhere in Canada.

Our top secret formula

We stay up late

We answer your call

We listen to you

We act quickly

We don't mess around

That employee that left three years ago who's still on your speed dial? We'll clean all that up for you.

That's the job Telemaxx does for businesses: we replace your outdated mainframe or PBX phone system with advanced voice and data-conferencing technology that lets you connect to customers and employees from no matter the venue - office, entryway, rooftop or even wooden ship.

Small but mighty

Everyone at Telemaxx is a superhero. Except we're just phone guys and girls. And we love helping Alberta business owners get all dialed up.

We're a small team, but we have big ideas. And we're not doing this from a cold, impersonal server room somewhere overseas. Our always-ready expertise is housed right here in Calgary, the self-proclaimed phone capital of the world.

Throwback to honesty

You know that feeling when things are so simple and effective, you just want to tell your pals? That's why we're having a party.

We're celebrating the magic of Telemaxx – and after you meet our team, you'll understand why.

From offering friendly customer service and product support, to improving our network, we're happy to offer more than just a phone number. We care about what we do because we want what's best for our customers. We've never lost touch with this simple fact and neither should you.