Conference equipment

Guaranteeing real business connections

Make calls about collaboration, not confusion.
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Close deals instead of fiddling with cords

Industry-leading clarity

No dropped calls always impresses.

Save time and frustration

Focus on selling, not troubleshooting.

Installation is included

No messy wiring or pinched fingers.

Always loud and clear

A substantial upgrade from the disruptive personal calls and disconnected conference calls of yore, we make your calls crisp and clear from boardroom to corner office.

Instead of frustrating group calls that feel decades-long, make presentations that pull in new business across the miles.

Snag a deal before the call ends, or wiggle free if you're stuck in a bad one. Just add water for life-like clarity.

Video phone systems

Table speaker phones

Boardroom webcams

External microphones

Never again be judged by call quality

Unless your boss is into meditation and other Eastern philosophies, there's just no getting around it: face-to-face meetings are still a priority.

So to reduce the barriers of time and space, we install world-class Poly equipment - the finest on the market.

Benefit from unheard-of reliability and usability with clear, crisp audio, USB compatibility, Bluetooth and a host of helpful features – all in compact, easy-to-use designs.

Conference calls are back

And the bad news is, you'll be expected to upgrade your conference equipment. The good news is that it's never been easier or more affordable.

Our new range of conference phones includes two styles for small and larger groups, as well as fixed pricing to take the hassle out of group calling.

Modern designs fit perfectly into your  boardroom

Elegant touch screens that make any task a breeze

No fuzzy background noise, echo or feedback

Integrations that just plain work

If your office is running it, we usually integrate with it.