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Putting the pro in productive

We're like your phone's fairy godmother - we make it sing, dance and work better than the day you got it.
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Comfortable employees make more sales

Boost job satisfaction

No one likes holding phones all day.

Faster task switching

Improve dexterity with no tangles.

Calmness boosts creativity

Annoyance removal helps sales.

We sell results, not products

You've invested in a high quality phone system. Awesome! Now, you've got to give your team the tools to make it work for them.

A poorly-placed microphone or shackled headset will make them feel like they've been hit by a truck.

Practice what you preach and properly equip your team's phones to communicate more easily with customers, make ideas happen and connect to the team around them.

Bluetooth headsets

Noise-cancelling headsets

External microphones

Webcams & video phones

Competitors install stuff,
we improve your workflows

We've been in the business of making people more effective for over 30 years. In that time we've learned a thing or two about what makes employees tick.

We've also done a lot of listening. So when it comes to getting the most out of your employees, we have a few suggestions to help them work better, smarter and happily.

All from one source - your adaptable partner in everything communication.

Make every call effective

A teleconference won't take off if the microphones are lifeless. And don't even try a conference call from home with a screaming child if you can't find your headset.

Whether you're in a windowless cubicle, a noisy factory floor or just don't want to yell at your colleagues when you're on the phone, we have something to help you talk easily.

Stay available on any device

Talk with teammates in loud job site environments

Give new hires the right tools from day one

Your team deserves the best

The technology you use in your office is just as important as the way you use it. That's why we partner with Poly, the well-established world leader in headsets and audio accessories.

Think crystal-clear sound, go-anywhere durability, blink-and-you'll-miss-it setup and gorgeous materials that are a joy to wear all day.

Trusted by Alberta businesses of all sizes - remotely, in the office or throughout your enterprise.

Integrations that just plain work

If your office is running it, we usually integrate with it.