Auditing services

Sleuthing that saves you money

Don't let your phone bill give you heartburn and headaches - talk to the phone guys.
Get a free audit

Remove that sinking feeling that you're overpaying

Simplify your plan

Goodbye bloat, hello efficiency.

Keep your features

Save money without sacrificing.

Free up valuable capital

Lower fees, faster growth.

Telecoms love old contracts

It's telecom's dirty secret. They love getting you to pay for big, fancy phone systems and services that never do what they promise. And then forgetting about it for years.

Our experienced team will audit your current telecom systems. We'll cut out the fluff your phone company is charging you for, and detail the money you are leaving on the table every month.

Free yourself from the strings attached to your current plan so you can make a more informed decision when shopping for a new phone system or service provider.

Free audit of your bill

System connectivity audits

Data security audits

Hardware lifespan audits

Look under the hood

Of course, our knowledge of telecom also means we can optimize your current installed telephones, telecom and PBX system to get you paying the least amount possible.

We audit your current phone system and telecom bill to save you money, find data connection problems and every way we can make your life easier. We're experts, we're not noisy salesmen, and we always give a free estimate.

All we need is your bill

You probably don't think about your phone system very often. When you do, you probably wish it wasn't a big hassle. Sick of being billed for calls that you questioned and have no record of? Exasperated by the different "lifespan" for your phone systems?

From your account set-up and troubleshooting of your current phone system, to designing, building, and installing a new system from scratch - your saviour is here.

Get a 360 degree view of your phone system's health

Know what's necessary and unnecessary for your business

Gain leverage for negotiating better telecom rates