Fibre & data cabling

Get better connections than Elton John

We're like a private eye for your phone system - we'll find out where that bandwidth is going behind your back.
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All your system needs to reach its full potential

Industry-leading data speed

Nobody will communicate faster.

Office space flexibility

No more cable bottlenecks.


No more sales lost to downtime.

The strength within

We're not just a vendor. We're an extension of your business. At Telemaxx, we understand the interconnectedness of a modern business and its reliance on each element to perform effectively.

For over 32 years we've been the trusted fibre and cabling wizards for some of Alberta's smartest businesses, including banks, schools, full service telecom companies and insurance companies. Let us keep you plugged in to what matters most—your customers.

Wiring new offices

Adding new workstations

Building to building

Upgrading cabling to CAT6

Beyond plug and play

Your phone system is just like the brain - a complex network of fibres and nerves and talking cabling, all interdependent. And if one of these fails or goes down, it can bring everything—your business, your customers' attention (and their money)—to a screeching halt.

The fibre optic network in Alberta's cities and towns is here to stay. But unless your business is totally wired with fibre, you're likely missing out on the advantages of this super-fast technology and the ability to add new devices when needed.

By ensuring all bases are covered, from fibre to cables and devices, we support networks so they can focus on supporting you.

Don't settle for second-rate

From the smallest office brimming with cutting edge technology to the largest corporation needing to future proof themselves against obsolescence, we provide the best in both equipment and installation.

The truth is, when it comes to fiber optics Telemaxx offers simply unbeatable prices and quality in all of Alberta. So next time your phone company tells you about a new fibre optic link from Fairbanks to Kuwait, don't be too excited; chances are it won't deliver the same bang-for-your-buck or ROI as us.

Connect new office spaces quickly

Upgrade to CAT6 so you can support modern devices

Modularity so your floor plan isn't limited by wiring

Are you an electrician or IT company looking for a partner?

You've heard the phrase "the bigger the better." Well, when it comes to Telemaxx, we think, "the stronger the better."

Our cabling will make your clients' business look and sound as good as it could possibly be. For a thick, lustrous strand of professional-grade cable, you should be diving into projects with us.

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