Upgrading services

New features without the new price

Taking you from last millennium to the future with one simple phone call.
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Today's features, yesterday's phones

Save money

Lower capital costs, more growth.

Avoid costly new lines

No disruptive moves or cabling.

Better for our beloved planet

Less e-waste is profitable.

Your dollars go further

Do you have a phone system that's just not cutting it? Are you having trouble finding handsets that support your legacy phone system? Are you lost in a labyrinth of snarky service providers and impenetrable VoIP jargon?

Step back from the cliff-edge of VoIP terror, and allow us to lead you to a more stable—and affordable—future!

Integrated softphones

Enhanced file sharing

Secure team communication

Call recording & dictation

Have one of these?

Hello, old friend. It's been a while.

We know it's hard to throw away those business-critical handsets that have been in your business for years, but it's time you caught up with the modern world.

Does your equipment come from one of these brands? You're in great shape to benefit from our migration services.

Panasonic support ends

Panasonic has ended support on many legacy handsets as of March 2022. This has set off a frenzy of vendors telling businesses to rip out and replace all of their Panasonic handsets. But don't do this! 

Through our partner E-MetroTel, keep your current phones and get the modern features and lightning-quick data benefits of the cloud. Save considerable costs by not having to buy new hardware from scratch.

Don't start from zero

Did you know that you don't need to purchase expensive new handsets when all of your users are clamouring for modern, smartphone-like capabilities?

Our legacy migration service allows you to upgrade the handsets you already paid for, at a fraction of the cost. So don't listen to those other companies — they'll just try to sell you new phones that are often obsolete in less than two years.

Save time and money on installation

Improve call quality and data speeds instantly

Pick and choose which upgraded features you need

These are the good ol' days

We tear up the conventional wisdom and lower your upgrade costs. We get your new-old handsets to work in your new-new phone system, which means everyone will know they're talking to a modern company!

If that's not a slam dunk, what is?

Remote voicemail

Reach your inbox anywhere, any time.

Call forwarding

Connect the right people in seconds.

Instant messaging

Instant communication, file sharing and task assignments.

Mobile twinning

Switch between devices seamlessly.

Call recording

Save high-value conversations for later at the touch of a button.

One-click video meetings

Put faces to names, no matter where everyone is sitting.

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