Cloud-hosted phones

Get the power to be in two places at once

Other companies connect phones to the cloud. We make it feel like you never left the office.
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Take the call wherever you happen to be

Look like you're in the office

Your clients won't be able to tell.

Save space

More features without using space.

Cancel your phone plan

End the burden of bad contracts.

When agility is critical

You may not know it yet, but you're ready for the cloud. You're tired of archaic cables, bulky phone boxes, unreachable remote staff and suffocating monthly bills.

Get the functions (and more!) of a full blown on-premise system while upgrading to new desirable features and eliminating the cost and complexity of maintaining a traditional phone system.

And when you're ready, we can make your move to the cloud feel like a virtual escalator ride - without all those stairs.

No more bulky equipment

No more line maintenance

No more unnecessary fees

No more personal numbers

Simple, elegant & powerful

Just like your business. Telemaxx turns your office into a phone system that rivals the big guys like AT&T – without needing to scare the pants off your budget.

You can finally serve customers without all that expensive hardware, or extra staff to install and maintain it. And it works everywhere– your in-house call center, remote offices and even warehouses.

Oh, and did we mention it's cheaper?

Walk in the clouds

Make all your phones a softphone, with VoIP that becomes as easy to use as email. Stop buying overpriced equipment, stop paying $50/seat for hosted PBX systems and start enjoying the higher margins that you'll get with no complicated hardware and software to maintain.

Smash your market with our caller ID-based auto attendant, and make sales with our powerful CRM integrations.

Ensure customers always see a unified company

Maximize team collaboration and efficiency

Get the features you need without the legacy prices

SMS capabilities to text clients and customers

Show us your current bill

When was the last time you questioned your phone bill? If you signed  years ago, you're likely substantially overpaying for the same features that a cloud-hosted system offers.

In 2020 we partnered with a new client who signed a $2,000 per month physical connection plan in 2005. We re-signed them to a cloud plan with identical features for $470 per month.

That's an immediate 76.5% savings, every single month.

Keep features

Don't give anything up to enjoy these savings.

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Show us your bill . We'll show savings. Zero obligation.

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The office in your pocket

Your team can always access the tools they need to be productive and give your customers the experience that they expect.

Remote voicemail

Reach your inbox anywhere, any time.

Call forwarding

Connect the right people in seconds.

Voicemail to email transcription

Get the message in text format automatically.

Call recording

Save high-value conversations for later at the touch of a button.

Team messaging

Instant communication, file sharing and task assignments.

One-click video meetings

Put faces to names, no matter where everyone is sitting.

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