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Well who doesn't hate moving their phone gear? Telco moves are a pain. All the leg work, connections, and cabling...yuck. Time robbed from your busy schedule to arrange it all and still you need to be there on the move day. Working late the night before the move? Forget it.

Telemaxx is your turn-key system move specialist. We pack up the phones, arrange for telco lines to be moved to the new site, bring new equipment and install it, test it, then give it a little clean so it sparkles for your first day in your new digs.





Switching telcos? Done

Have you ever wished your phone would ring?

If you're sitting alone in an empty office, far from the phone equipment that you need to conduct business, with no telco lines in place and a bedraggled installer saying "yeah, I'll be back to hook that stuff up when I get my truck back from the shop" do you get things moving?

Calling us before you move ensures this doesn't happen. We'll even swap providers for you if the new building is wired for another telco.

We do the work, you take the credit

Think a job is too small? We do the small stuff and we do it right. Cabling, server cabinets and rack mounting, voice & data closets, work station moves, wiring & cabling - all of it is covered so your employees feel like their space magically teleported into a new building.

Reset voicemails

Keeping headsets connected to their original users

Maintain subscriptions with no break in coverage