On-premise phones

Keep your data in-house

Retro? Not a chance. For businesses that aren't cloud-based but require more flexibility than traditional analog lines.
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For businesses that can't cut the cord


Upgrade without overloading.


Keep your existing handsets.


Quick integrations to your stack.

Not your grandmother's phone system

Do your company's phones ring the same way they did back in 1980? We've all had the experience of working with an outfit whose technology is so old, outdated and buggy that it sucks the intelligence out of their employees.

We've fixed that. Our on-premise systems are for customers who can't move their operations to the cloud, but need more flexibility and advanced features than a traditional business telephone system.

Keep your handsets

Get modern features

Minimize learning curves

Store data on-site

Our competitors upsell;
we upgrade

Telephone systems are a large investment for any company—understandably, many companies would like to hold on to them for as long as possible. And more than ever, small and medium-sized businesses have tight budgets.

Other companies force new phones on you. We bring newness to the ones you already have. Keep your legacy investments while enhancing or even replacing your current processes.

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Familiar meets futuristic

We build the most advanced on-premise phone systems in Calgary. But don't let that fool you, on-premise is just as fun to use as our cloud-based systems.

With sophisticated call handling, automatic attendants, integrations with leading CRMs and much more, we'll make all of your business's phone calls in a snap.

Upgrade offices built before 2000 with CAT5 cabling

Maximize the ROI of high-end Cisco phones

Connect on-site & remote employees with hybrid model

Life's too short to DIY

Tired of having to upgrade your phone system every time a new version of Windows comes out? Does keeping all your phones and computers on the same page seem like a logistical nightmare?

If you deal with telephony headaches on a regular basis, relax. Our full-service team is here to help ensure you're picking the best system for your business, that it's installed properly and is problem-free for years to come.

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Join 100s of Alberta companies who no longer worry about their phones.

New phones

Don't waste another second. We'll do the work.

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New spot, same reliable and familiar service.

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