Communication software

Not just about the call; it's about making a connection

Communication is the basis of all strong relationships.
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Make things easier for your customers & employees

Warmly welcome customers

Even when nobody's home.

Control your building access

Own your space, not babysit it.

End assistant suffering

Automate time-consuming typework.

Automation with the human touch

For centuries, people have communicated face-to-face. Now the internet is currently the fastest tool we have for communications, but it has a primary weakness: it's a solitary method of communication.

Our automation systems bring energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to customer touch points.

We can answer the door for you, provide warm and friendly directions to the right person's extension and keep your assistant from losing their mind over endless dictation requests.

Video doorbells

Buzzers & entry control

Auto attendants

Call recording & dictation

Your virtual doorman

We connect your business to the world. Even if yours has lots of entrances like a restaurant, bank, healthcare facility, apartment complex, retail store or office.

With our door entry controls, say goodbye to opening  doors manually, missing important deliveries or wondering who's burning the midnight oil at the office.

Now you'll have an intercom that works! Not like the one you previously butchered and bound with duct tape in a failed attempt to secure it to the wall so the cats didn't knock it over.

Affable auto attendants

It's the age of convenience. Customers want better service while they visit and more control over their interactions with you.

An auto attendant gives every caller a warm welcome that sets a positive tone for each interaction. Our greetings and hold music  make callers feel like they're important, even if they're not.

Want more calls, or fewer? Consider it done.

Help customers outside of business hours

Relieve receptionists of call forwarding duties

Protect employees from maddening robocalls

Call recording & dictation

The customer call is over, but your assistant's day just started. In fact, their day is far from over.

Between busy schedules and overflowing inboxes, your assistant juggles 8-12 calls at once, often leaving customers wondering if they even exist.

Training employees in the art of dealing with difficult customers can be a nightmare. But call recording will keep a record of what's said, and how to respond properly.